The discharge of water with arsenic is expensive.

Purify your wastewater with Ferrate(VI) and cut costs.

It is no longer necessary to pay the ever-increasing costs for the discharge of water containing arsenic.

Due to high arsenic levels, the discharge of residual water is very expensive. Pay lower pollution levies by strongly lowering the pollution levels.

This is what you can achieve with Ferrate(VI)

Reduce arsenic levels by 75%

Ferrate(VI) removes arsenic from water, enabling you to discharge it together with the sludge. Utilise the power of the strongest oxidant in the world.

Discharge at a lower cost

Reduce arsenic levels as much as possible from residual water and pay lower pollution levies.

Set higher environmental standards

With Ferrate(VI) you reduce environmental pollution in your industry, by using an environmentally friendly chemical.

Test our product FerSol

And discover how Ferr-Tech changes your wastewater treatment into a green, efficient and circular process. No strings attached!

Find the solution for your wastewater and let us analyse it in the Ferr-Tech WaterLab. We will identify the contaminants in your wastewater, to determine how Ferrate(VI) improves your process.

This gives you valuable insights into how Ferrate(VI) makes your water purification process green, efficient and circular. Moreover, we would be happy to discuss other challenges in the field of water treatment. We dare you to challenge us!

1. Analysis

Give us a sample of your most polluted wastewater. We will treat the water with Ferrate(VI) and work towards a solution.

2. Proposal

Based on the analysis, we will create a proposal for a green, efficient and circular water process.

3. Execution

Finally, we will demonstrate how you can easily apply one of our Ferrate(VI) products in your current water treatment system.