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Making wastewater purification sustainable and circular in the dairy industry

Ferr-Tech recently started a pilot project within the dairy industry.

The problem

Currently there is a need for the dairy industry to use a lot of water and harmful chemicals for the hygienic cleaning of pipes, pumps, tanks and filling machines. After purification, the waste water is discharged, including chemicals such as caustic soda, chlorine, nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Through this pilot project we will demonstrate that this cleaning process can be much more sustainable, environmentally friendly and circular with our patented Ferrate(VI) technology.


Project goals

The ultimate goal with our technology is to:

  • Drastically reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the dairy industry
  • Return more than half of the treated wastewater to the production process,
  • Reduce the energy consumption of the purification process
  • Reuse the sludge as fertiliser

Ferr-tech is uitgeroepen tot het meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!

Ferr-tech uitgeroepen tot meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!


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