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Press release KVK

Ferr-Tech secures the number 1 position in the KVK Innovation Top 100 of 2023.

Press release Aqualia

Ferr-Tech wins Aqualia the innovation award for water treatment product FerSol® (Ferrate(VI) in solution)

Press release BÜFA

Ferr-Tech raises investment from BÜFA to accelerate growth with FerSol®.

Press release CES

Ferr-Tech wins CES 2022 innovation award for water treatment product FerSol® (Ferrate(VI) in solution)

Press release WIS

Ferr-Tech wins the WIS 2022 innovation stimulation award for water treatment product FerSol® (Ferrate(VI) in solution)

Press release general

Ferr-Tech develops solution for (waste)water purification: the world’s strongest oxidant FerSol® (Ferrate(VI) in Solution)

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Our Why, How en What

WHAT: Ferr-Tech purifies water

HOW: By processing the environmentally friendly oxidant Ferrate(VI) in three preservable products, FerSol®, FerCa® and FerPo®, which are used to purify water in a fast, cheap and sustainable way.

WHY: Because of our drive and the belief that we will fundamentally change the water purification world with these products.

Unique and patented production process for FerSol®

FerSol® is Ferrate(VI) in liquid form. For decades, Ferrate(VI) has been known as the strongest oxidant in the world for industrial wastewater treatment and washing processes. Unlike frequently used chemicals for water treatment, Ferrate(VI) is environmentally friendly. Producing Ferrate(VI) in a stable and preservable form has been impossible until now. Thanks to ground-breaking research, however, our founders have developed a unique and patented to do so successfully. As a Dutch scaleup, we are the first company to provide Ferrate(VI) for industrial application.  By purifying your wastewater with FerSol®, you make your water treatment more sustainable and energy efficient, while enabling reuse of the water in your industrial process. Take part in the green industrial revolution and purify your wastewater using a green, efficient and circular method with FerSol®.
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Interview with Dutch Chamber of Commerce

How to turn a great idea into a successful business

During his PhD research, Sina Samimi developed a new way of extending the shelf life of the substance Ferrate(VI), so that it is more suitable for waste water purification. A good idea, but how do you bring that idea to the point where you can build a successful business around it? Judith Le Fevre explains how she managed this with Sina and other Ferr Tech co-owners.

The facts of Ferr-Tech

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Biography owners Ferr-Tech

Ferr Tech Team Richard Bruins

Richard Bruins

Richard Bruins, Ferr-Tech co-owner and CEO, is a natural networker. He leads this company with great interest and care for his employees, and helps them achieve their goals whilst allowing them room for self-improvement. A graduate in Export Management, Richard has a clear goal in mind: the internationalization of Ferr-Tech, and making the world a better place with FerSol (Ferrate(VI) in solution). The company was founded in the Dutch province of Drenthe, an important aspect for Richard that he will always commemorate. Richard is a great numerate with excellent numeracy skills. With his fanaticism, he inspires all those around him. After a long stint as director of a company in the oil and gas industry, Richard started investing in innovative startups, and works daily by his credo: ‘work hard, play hard’!

Ferr Tech Team Ludo Tissingh

Ludo Tissingh

Ludo Tissingh, Ferr-Tech co-owner and CCO, is a true visionary with a keen eye for valuable opportunities, like a true-bred entrepreneur. Due to his vast, specialized knowledge, he is great at handling difficult or unexpected business challenges. The customer’s needs are of the utmost importance to Ludo in every process. With over twenty years of entrepreneurship under his belt, he has had plenty experience with starting up various kinds of companies, including a company specialized in cleaning air using programmed plasma. Ludo has a great passion for introducing new innovative products in the market and envisions FerSol (Ferrate(VI) in solution) going global as the number one method for purifying (waste)water. Thanks to his devotion, he has managed to scale up several successful concepts into profitable companies in ever-changing markets. Ludo sees great importance in staying in close contact with his connections. With his background as a farmer’s son and an education in food technology, visits in the dairy or agri-food industries fill him with joy. 

Ferr Tech Team Judith le Fevre

Judith le Fèvre

Judith le Fèvre, Ferr-Tech co-owner, a driven, innovative and internationally oriented entrepreneur. Judith is always looking for opportunities to thrive and is a real go-getter, for instance in finding opportunities within Ferr-Tech that lead to bringing FerSol (Ferrate(VI) solution) to market. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Judith manages to develop and maintain Ferr-Tech’s vast and strong network. With many years of experience in Public Affairs & Lobby, and as an independent interim manager, she has got it made. On top of that she also has an eye for success and a preference for working with companies like Ferr-Tech with high societal value. She can manage strategic processes incredibly well and always knows what’s going on. She loves launching new undertakings and is one of the driving forces behind establishing Ferr-Tech as a household name in the industry. She works hard, pushes on, and doesn’t let go. 


Ferr-tech has been named the most innovative company in NL!

Ferr-tech is named most innovative company in NL!