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FerSol®, a cost effective solution to purify wastewater

Use our green chemical FerSol® to cut costs and save energy. Discover the power of the strongest oxidant in the world that not only purifies, but also causes dissolved substances to sink, creating very dense sludge. Test it on your wastewater to observe the astounding results. 

Test FerSol® on your wastewater

We will help you discover how greatly FerSol® can impact your water purification process by conducting tests on your wastewater in our highly equipped waterlab. The aim? To make your process as green, (cost-)efficient and circular as possible.

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Water purification is costly and complex

Do you recognise these challenges?


Cut costs by purifying water with FerSol®

Here are some of the astounding results you can achieve by using our green chemistry, FerSol®, in your water treatment process:

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Reduce need for chemicals

You can use FerSol® for oxidation and coagulation. As a side effect it eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses. Simplify the process and reduce the need for hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and ferric chloride.

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Discharge less water

Thanks to FerSol®, a lot of water can be reused and the need for discharge decreases considerably. Cut costs and contribute to the circular water economy.

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Reduce sludge

FerSol® densifies and reduces the amount of sludge. It is the most powerful oxidant in the world and strongly binds the particles of the residual product together.

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Remove pollution

Remove pollution from water such as hydrocarbons, heavy metals, phosphates, cyanide, ammonia, COD and sulfur compounds that prevent discharge into surface water.

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Use less energy

FerSol® purifies water efficiently and densifies the sludge. It replaces energy intensive and costly procedures, which use ozone and UV. Save energy and costs at all stages of the industrial process: from purification to discharge.

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Prolong lifespan of RO system

By purifying water with FerSol®, you extend the service life of Reverse Osmosis systems. The membranes stay clean longer, enabling the system to work better.

Unique and patented production process for FerSol®

FerSol® is Ferrate(VI) in a liquid and preservable form. It makes wastewater treatment sustainable, efficient and circular. It can be directly applied to contaminated water. 

For decades, Ferrate(VI) has been known as the strongest oxidant in the world for the treatment of (industrial) wastewater. Unlike frequently used chemicals for water treatment, Ferrate(VI) is environmentally friendly.

Producing Ferrate(VI) in a stable and preservable form has been impossible until now. Thanks to ground-breaking research, however, our founders have developed a unique and patented to do so successfully. As a Dutch scaleup, we are the first company to provide Ferrate(VI) for industrial application. 

By purifying your wastewater with FerSol®, you make your water treatment more sustainable and energy efficient, while enabling reuse of the water in your industrial process. Take part in the green industrial revolution and purify your wastewater using a green, efficient and circular method with FerSol®.

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Does FerSol® work for me?

We have helped many organisations purify their industrial wastewater. We are happy to demonstrate the results FerSol® provides, by purifying a sample of your raw wastewater in our waterlab. This is how it works:

1. Share wastewater sample

Give us a 20 liter sample of your raw wastewater. We will treat the water with FerSol® and work towards the best results for your process.

2. Improve your process

Based on the analysis, we will create a proposal for a green, efficient and circular water process.

3. Implement easily

Finally, we will demonstrate how you can easily apply FerSol® in your current water treatment system.

Share your information to test FerSol® on your wastewater

And discover how you can purify your wastewater in a green, efficient and circular way.
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What happens when you send the request?


You can expect a response within 24 hours. We will ask you, among other things, about the composition of the wastewater and what kind of contamination you want to remove from the water.


Then we will ask you to send us a sample of your most contaminated wastewater of about 20 liters. We will treat this in our water lab with FerSol® and we will try to achieve your goal.


 Finally, we will send the sample back after purification with FerSol®. If requested, we can also send it to an external lab for you to analyse the result yourself or have it analysed. Are you convinced? Then let’s discuss the next steps.

Small print

When you request a test from us, you are not committed to anything. You simply discover how we can simplify your water purification process by making it as green, efficient and circular as possible. We are used to working with organisations that do not like to reveal their competitive position and that is why we treat your information as strictly confidential.

Ferr-tech has been named the most innovative company in NL!

Ferr-tech is named most innovative company in NL!