Ferrate(VI) enables green, efficient and circular wastewater treatment.

Thanks to ground-breaking research by our founders, we can produce Ferrate(VI) in a stable and preservable form: FerSol®. Discover the power of our product on this page.

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Revolutionary water treatment is within reach

The strongest oxidant in the world

Ferrate(VI) is the strongest oxidant in the world. Alternative chemicals have a weaker oxidising effect, as can be seen in the table. The strength of this effect is expressed in the so-called redox potential. The higher the value, the stronger the oxidant.

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Comparison of frequently used oxidants in water treatment


Versatility of Ferrate(VI)

Ferrate(VI) can be used for several essential processes in wastewater treatment and, as a result, saves a lot of energy. It is the strongest oxidant in the world (see above). In addition, it reacts with dissolved substances, causing them to sink. This is called coagulation. As a side effect it eliminates certain bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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Many chemicals only have one functionality. Wastewater is treated through complex processes and installations, requiring various steps. A striking example can be found in the steel industry. Colour, iron ions and water hardness are treated by a 5-step purification process, including chlorine, metabisulfite, soda, ferrite and slaked lime (calcium hydroxide). Ferrate(VI) enables a 1-step purification process. By shortening these complex water treatment processes, we also reduce energy consumption.


Sludge reduction in residual water from direct reduced iron (DRI) factory.

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Significant sludge reduction

Thanks to the powerful oxidation caused by Ferrate(VI), the particles of the residual product are strongly bound together. Thanks to this densification, you will generate much less sludge. This method simplifies sludge discharge and reduces costs, while decreasing your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Ferrate(VI) has no harmful effects on people and the environment. This has been demonstrated with the Ames test and the FET test. It replaces chemicals that are difficult to remove from the water. It is the best way to make your process more sustainable.

Ames test

We have performed an Ames test to demonstrate that Ferrate(VI) is not harmful to people. This test uses bacteria to determine whether a certain chemical can cause DNA mutations in the test organism. A positive test result indicates that the chemical compound is mutagenic and can therefore be carcinogenic, as cancer is a common consequence of mutation.

FET test

We have performed a Fish Embryo Toxicity Test (FET) to demonstrate that Ferrate(VI) has no harmful effects on the environment. This test uses zebra fish embryos to determine whether a chemical is harmful to the environment.

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Removes colour, odour and oil

From now on, when removing colour, odour and oil, you can efficiently use a single green chemical: Ferrate(VI). In contrast, traditional methods require various harmful chemicals. Additional steps are often necessary, such as aeration or spreading.

Unique and patented production process for Ferrate(VI)

For decades, Ferrate(VI) has been known as the strongest oxidant in the world for the treatment of (industrial) wastewater. Unlike frequently used chemicals for water treatment, Ferrate(VI) is environmentally friendly.

Producing Ferrate(VI) in a stable and preservable form has been impossible until now. Thanks to ground-breaking research, however, our founders have developed a unique and patented process to do so successfully. As a Dutch scaleup, we are the first company to provide Ferrate(VI) for industrial application. 

By purifying your wastewater with Ferrate(VI), you make your water treatment more sustainable and energy efficient, while enabling reuse of the water in your industrial process. Take part in the green industrial revolution and purify your wastewater using a green, efficient and circular method with Ferrate(VI).

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Scientific articles on Ferrate(VI)

Ferr-tech has been named the most innovative company in NL!

Ferr-tech is named most innovative company in NL!