Ready to radically improve your wastewater treatment?

Lower your total cost of ownership the green way.

A more circular wastewater treatment is possible and within reach.


High levels of cyanide

Wastewater from the steel industry contains high levels of cyanide. High levels of free cyanide are harmful to the environment.


High transportation costs sludge discharge

After purification of the residual water, the discharging of sludge involves a lot of transportation. A reduction of the transportation is necessary for cost efficiency and a greener footprint.


Higher environmental standards are becoming the norm.

It’s hard to create a greener process due to high water consumption, the amount of energy that’s needed to purify wastewater and the accompanying sludge transports.

You will achieve these results with FerSol®

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Set higher environmental standards

Improve your environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption and transport, reusing cooling water and reusing sludge for fertilisation.

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Reuse water

By removing substances such as cyanide, ammonia and COD, much of the residual water becomes reusable. Contribute to the circular water economy and reduce sludge transport.

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Create 80% less sludge*

FerSol® densifies and reduces the amount of sludge. It is the most powerful oxidant in the world and strongly binds the particles of the residual product together.

* This result has been achieved in DRI factory

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Use less energy

FerSol® purifies water efficiently and densifies the sludge. It replaces energy intensive and costly procedures, which use ozone and UV. Save energy and costs at all stages of the industrial process: from purification to discharge.

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Prolong lifespan of RO system

By purifying water with FerSol®, you extend the service life of Reverse Osmosis systems. The membranes stay clean longer, enabling the system to work better.

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Reduce chemicals

FerSol® replaces hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, metabisulfite, soda ash, ferrite and slaked lime (calcium hydroxide). Simplify your purification process.

Test our product FerSol®

And discover how FerSol® changes your wastewater treatment into a green, efficient and circular process. No strings attached!

Find the solution for your wastewater and let us analyse it in the Ferr-Tech WaterLab. We will identify the contaminants in your wastewater, to determine how FerSol® -Ferrate(VI) in solution- improves your process.

This gives you valuable insights into how FerSol® makes your water purification process green, efficient and circular. Moreover, we would be happy to discuss other challenges in the field of water treatment. We dare you to challenge us!


1. Share wastewater sample

Give us a 20 liter sample of your raw wastewater. We will treat the water with FerSol® and work towards the best results for your process.

2. Improve your process

Based on the analysis, we will create a proposal for a green, efficient and circular water process.

3. Implement easily

Finally, we will demonstrate how you can easily apply FerSol® in your current water treatment system.

Ferr-tech has been named the most innovative company in NL!

Ferr-tech is named most innovative company in NL!