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Optimize your Cleaning in place (CIP) process with FerSol®

Choose this proven effective green chemistry that makes your CIP process more hygienic, efficient and sustainable.

Traditional Cleaning in Place (CIP) processes are not optimal

Hygienically clean machines are crucial for the quality and food safety of fish products. However, conventional Cleaning in Place (CIP) methods do not completely succeed in eliminating all the impurities inside the machine. In addition, the labor-intensive CIP process consumes a lot of energy and water. Many fish processors encounter these issues:

With FerSol®, you achieve the best results

This groundbreaking chemistry is 100% environmentally friendly. FerSol® has such strong oxidation power that it cleans hygienically even at low temperatures. With this, you even achieve better results than with harmful traditional chemicals, such as chlorine.

Icoon listeria

Improve ATP results

FerSol® not only eliminates listeria but also other micro-organisms. By oxidizing these bacteria, they are eliminated, mitigating the risk of contamination. 

Icoon microverontreiniging

Prevent clogged systems

The powerful cleaning ability of FerSol® effectively removes organic material and bacterial biofilm, keeping machines and processing equipment clean. This effectively eliminates the chance of clogs.

Icoon chloor

No harmful chemicals

FerSol® replaces hazardous traditional chemicals such as chlorine with a 100% environmentally friendly chemistry. It also makes the use lye and acid unnecessary. Make the cleaning process more sustainable.

Icoon arbeid

Reduce handling time

FerSol® simplifies the cleaning process. Additionally, machines and nozzles no longer get clogged. Therefore, the application of FerSol® leads to significant savings in time and labor.

Icoon milieu

Reduce energy and water consumption

FerSol® is so powerful that it cleans hygienically, even at low temperatures. This results in a substantial decrease in water usage, making the CIP processes much more sustainable. 

Icoon water

Easy application

FerSol® is very easy to apply as it requires no modifications to current systems.

FerSol® in practice

Bond Seafood saw a huge improvement in their CIP processes

Thanks to FerSol®, there has been a remarkable improvement in our CIP processes. Our hygiene is now excellent, and we work much more efficiently. This is partly because our machines no longer get clogged. It’s been a real game-changer for us.

Test FerSol® in your CIP process

Would you like to experience for yourself what FerSol® can do for your situation? Test it in practice and discover the impressive results.  

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FerSol duurzame chemie voor industriele afvalwaterzuiveringschemie 2
The strongest oxidant in the world

Unique and patented production process for FerSol®

FerSol® is Ferrate(VI) in liquid form. For decades, Ferrate(VI) has been known as the strongest oxidant in the world for industrial wastewater treatment and washing processes.

Unlike frequently used chemicals for water treatment, Ferrate(VI) is environmentally friendly. Producing Ferrate(VI) in a stable and preservable form has been impossible until now. Thanks to ground-breaking research, however, our founders have developed a unique and patented to do so successfully. As a Dutch scaleup, we are the first company to provide Ferrate(VI) for industrial application. 

By purifying your wastewater with FerSol®, you make your water treatment more sustainable and energy efficient, while enabling reuse of the water in your industrial process. Take part in the green industrial revolution and purify your wastewater using a green, efficient and circular method with FerSol®.

Recognized with several innovation awards:

Ferr-tech has been named the most innovative company in NL!

Ferr-tech is named most innovative company in NL!