Ferr-Tech wins Aqualia innovation award 2023!

Aqualia innovation award 2023 for Ferr-Tech

SEVILLA – During WEX Global 2023 in Spain on Tuesday 28th March it was announced that Ferr-Tech has won the Aqualia Innovation Award with its innovative FerSol® (Ferrate(VI) in liquid form). As an innovator of Ferrate(VI) applications for revolutionary industrial (waste) water treatment, Ferr-Tech was the first in the world to produce the most powerful and environmentally friendly oxidant, FerSol®. FerSol® makes water treatment more sustainable and energy efficient. It allows water to be reused in industrial processes. This contributes to one of the defining challenges of the 21st century: the prevention of water scarcity.

Ehsan Saebnoori, R&D Director at Ferr-Tech, and Judith le Fèvre, CMO, presented the innovative FerSol® in Seville. Ferr Tech was chosen as the winner because it has a strong business case, makes a significant contribution to sustainability and has an innovative product.

Contact us at info@ferr-tech.com for more information. Curious to read the complete announcement? You can find the press release on our site.


Blijf op de hoogte van onze revolutionaire missie tegen waterschaarste.