De Volkskrant writes about FerSol®

FerSol in Volkskrant

“A remedy from Meppel makes wastewater crystal clear”

Below this headline, you can find Ferr-Tech in today’s de Volkskrant, a well-known newspaper in the Netherlands. In the article, Judith le Fèvre talks about the creation of the groundbreaking innovation FerSol®. Furthermore, she explains how this innovation helps several companies tremendously to treat their wastewater. She cites a polymer recycling plant as an example:

“More than 60 liters of chlorine, soap and defoamer: that’s how much different detergents flowed per hour at a polymer recycling plant in the north of the country until recently. Thanks to FerSol®, the polymer recycling plant can now wash the plastics at ambient temperature, and not at 80 degrees like before. Also, the transportation costs are lower and CO2 emission is reduced because fewer supplier trucks are needed to transport bulk containers of cleaning products. In addition, the polymer recycling plant’s machines wear out less quickly because less foam enters the pumps.”

In addition, Faezeh Alibabaei, our Laboratory Analyst demonstrated the power of FerSol® to the Volkskrant:
“In a flash, the pollution in the wastewater begins to swirl like the flakes in a snow globe. Quickly, all that remains of the wastewater is a brownish sludge at the bottom, while the rest of the wastewater is suddenly crystal clear.”

Grab the Volkskrant at your nearest store and flip it open on page 19 or read the article online.

Ferr-tech is uitgeroepen tot het meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!

Ferr-tech uitgeroepen tot meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!


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