News station reports on our groundbreaking innovation

Ludo Tissingh en Judith le Fevre van Ferr tech Rechten RTV Drenthe

RTV Drenthe reports on our prestigious innovation award for our product FerSol: the CES innovation award. The American jury calls our innovation “special and groundbreaking”. Fersol is the liquid and stable form of Ferrate(VI), a substance that has been known for decades as the solution for water purification. It is the most powerful oxidant in the world, making water treatment more sustainable and energy efficient, while enabling the reuse of water in industrial processes.


It was never possible to keep Ferrate(VI) storable and therefore it always had to be added to the water within a few seconds of production. Only then it would retain its potency. As a result, large-scale application in industry was not viable. After seven years of research, we are the first in the world to be able to make a stable and preservable version of Ferrate(VI).


Thanks to this innovation, we are invited as an honoree at the CES fair in Las Vegas. Every year the most important tech innovations of the world are shown here. You can read more in this article from RTV Drenthe.


Image rights: RTV Drenthe

Ferr-tech is uitgeroepen tot het meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!

Ferr-tech uitgeroepen tot meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!


Blijf op de hoogte van onze revolutionaire missie tegen waterschaarste.