Ferr-Tech joins the Water Alliance

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Ferr-tech is a Dutch start-up that applies Ferrate(VI) in wastewater treatment. Using their own preservable products FerSol®, FerCa® and FerPo®, each of which contains the biodegradable oxidant Ferrate(VI), they turn wastewater treatment into a green, sustainable, circular and cost-efficient process. 

The industry is looking for circular, innovative and especially sustainable solutions for (waste)water treatment. Ferr-Tech presents such a solution with Ferrate(VI). It is known worldwide as the strongest oxidant for water treatment of (industrial) wastewater. Ferrate(VI) is seen as the solution in many industries.



For years, Ferrate(VI) was the topic of scientific research all over the world. As opposed to the traditional chemicals used in water treatment, which have a single functionality, Ferrate(VI) functions as an all-in-one product. Ferrate(VI) can be used as an oxidant, coagulant and as a side effect also eliminates certain bacteria, fungi and viruses. Ferrate(VI) is a biodegradable chemical, or, in other words, green and sustainable. Ferrate(VI) has many other applications in addition to water treatment.

It has been impossible to produce Ferrate(VI) in a stable and preservable form until now. The functionality of Ferrate(VI) is legitimised worldwide, but has thus far not been ready for industrial application. Unless added to the water within a few seconds, it used to lose its effect. This meant that every firm had to produce its own Ferrate(VI) to ensure its applicability. As a result, Ferrate(VI) could never be applied in an economically viable way. Ferr-tech has finally solved this problem. Ferr-tech has a patent on the technique to keep Ferrate(VI) preservable and stable, enabling the green chemical to be applied on a global scale in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. 


Circular economy

Ferr-Tech makes a major contribution to the circular water economy. The purified water as well as the sludge can be reused completely. Thanks to the power of Ferrate(VI), the residual product of wastewater is more concentrated. Through the process of coagulation, the particles of the residual product bind together much more effectively, creating less sludge. This means that the residual products are dryer and much lighter. This results directly in less CO2 emission and energy consumption. The water is so pure that it can be reused in the customer’s production process.

Would you like to know more? Contact us by mailing to info@ferr-tech.com or call us at 085-0479560.

Ferr-tech is uitgeroepen tot het meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!

Ferr-tech uitgeroepen tot meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!


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