Application of Ferrate(VI) in greenhouse horticulture

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Ferrate(VI) offers many possibilities in the horticultural sector. Ron Peters, who specializes in tackling viruses, has managed to get contaminated rockwool mats free from the cucumber mosiac virus, using our product FerSol (Ferrate(VI) in liquid form). A second test is ongoing and does not appear to show any virus infection yet. The trade magazine Onder Glas reported on this trial.


In this article you can also read about other applications of Ferrate(VI), such as:

  • the breakdown of plant protection products in discharge water
  • tackling pollution in basins and pipelines
  • pre-treating feed water to the reverse osmosis plant to extend membrane life.


Ferrate(VI) is the strongest oxidant in the world and therefore tackles organic pollution like no other chemical. Ferrate(VI) is environmentally friendly, in contrast to commonly used alternatives.

If you’d like to know more about all the possible solutions we have in store for the Horticulture sector, feel free to contact us!


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Ferr-tech uitgeroepen tot meest innovatieve bedrijf van NL!


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